The Kalced Empire

Creation of an Empire

The Old Empire: The Empire was first formed 400 years ago in this area. A warlord known as Serialus united several tribes of humans and orcs, and began to conquer. After a lengthly campaign that proved his tactical acumen, the area fell under his control, and he took the office of Emperor.

First Expansion: The first expansion of the empire took place approximately 250 years ago, with the kingdoms of Epirus and Baetica succumbing to the army of Serialus’ descendants. Epirus fell first, due to the lack of strategic imagination by the generals in command. Baetica, however, held strong until supplies began to run short. Kalced legionaries surrounded the great cities, and it was not long before the citizens faced starvation. Eventually, the common people rose up against their rulers, threw open the gates, and welcomed the legions, and the promise of food.

Protectorate States (Second Expansion): Taking place 200 years before the present time, The second expansion saw the Empire surging forward in all directions. Several smaller kingdoms to the east (Dalmacia, Tyrus, and Bostra) surrendered to the Empire without a fight. The southern kingdoms proved most troublesome, most having formed a rather effective alliance. The second expansion is known to many as the Unity War for this reason. That being said, several of the Unity nations were ultimately conquered by the Empire. To this day, there is still strong anti-Empire sentiment in the protectorates of Pontus, Drasc, and Hegra.


Personages of the Empire

Valerius Trajan Rex, Imperator: The current ruler of the Empire, Valerius is young, ambitious, and a constant worry to neighboring nations. The Emperor, being only 22 years of age, has been on many occasions, less than tactful in manners of statecraft. He dismisses most of the other nations of Geldar as beneath the Empire in status and power. He is hot-headed and impulsive, a nervous combination for a man that commands one of the best trained and equipped armies in the world.

Imperial Entities

Kag Delen: The Kag Delen is the name given to the armed forces of the Empire. These forces range from the Imperial Legions of old Kalced to the conscript battalions of the protectorates.

Kag Neral: Officially, the Kag Neral are the Empire’s criminal investigative body and internal intelligence agency. They serve as the judicial arm of the Imperial Throne and Senate, enforcing the laws of the Empire. In reality, however, criminal activity is a secondary concern. The primary purpose of the Kag Neral is the surveillance of imperial subjects, and the hunting of mages.

Kag Tavash: The Kag Tavash is the administrative branch of the Imperial government. The Tavash handles all revenue and records, and oversees information distribution throughout Imperial holdings.

Imperial Senate: The legislative body of the Empire is the Senate, wherein senators representing the various lands of the Empire propose, debate, and enact the laws of the Empire. The Emperor, however, may override the Senate in times of national crisis, which Emperors have been known to declare in order to push their own agendas.

The Senate is composed of 38 Senators. The 10 senators from the Old Empire, 6 from Epirus, and 4 from Baetica often vote as a bloc, imposing the will of the elder Imperial lands upon the more recent acquisitions of the Protectorates. The Protectorates are represented by 3 senators from Pannonia and Hegra, 2 senators from Dalmacia, Tyrus, Gell, Alani, and Drasc, and a 1 senator from Bostra and Pontus.

The Protectorate senators are only allowed limited voting power, they are barred from voting on issues regarding war and the Kalced military.


Magic in the Empire: Magic in all forms is strictly controlled in the Kalced Empire. Mages must register with imperial authorities, and are required to submit to government inspection and indoctrination. Mages are also subject to compulsory military service.
Due to an extensive propoganda campaign by the Kag Neral, most common imperials vew mages as unpredictable and dangerous. They are treated as second-class citizens, and viewed with suspicion and paranoia. Mages are required to wear distinctive garments when in public, and are required to have identity papers at all times. The plain grey robe and red sash marks the presence of a magic-user. Furthermore, they are confined to certain areas and neighborhoods in all imperial cities.

The Kalced Empire

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