Players under Sponsorship

There are many factions and parties in the world that are looking for a few hard-working adventurers. Sometimes, an individual or a group may choose to sponsor a group of adventurers for just this reason. Sponsorship comes with many benefits, but also with responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Sponsors

  • Provide funding for basic equipment (non-magical weapon and armor) and supplies (Adventurer’s Kit)
  • Provide advice and guidance concerning quests and tasks
  • Occasionally provide physical assistance with difficult tasks

Responsibilities of Sponsored Groups

  • Pay back the funding cost of the sponsorship, as well as providing a cut of profits for a set amount of time (avg. 3 years)
  • Carry out tasks assigned by the sponsor, and keep good faith
  • Be mindful of actions while acting under behest of the sponsor, do not adversely affect the reputation of the sponsor

Players providing Sponsorship

Level 10 Requirement

Upon reaching Paragon tier, player groups (or individual characters) may elect to sponsor a lower-level adventuring party, providing much of the benefits above to said party. The characters can sponsor a lower heroic tier (Level 1-4) or median heroic tier (Level 5-8). A lower tier sponsorship requires an investment of 500 GP, and a median tier sponsorship requires 1000 GP. The PCs are also under obligation to act as mentors, providing advice, recommendations, and the occasional physical assistance to their charges.

In exchange, the PCs will see a cut of the sponsored groups profits over a set amount of time, as well as gaining reliable, loyal allies and assistants.


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