Runeforms- First developed as spell focuses by ancient magi of the Xidel Empire, runeforms were used to direct the pattern and flow of magic energy. At first, they were simply used to instruct and aid novice mages, being a written representation of arcane energy. It was discovered, however, that a disciplined mind could also use runeform components to alter or enhance existing spells.
In time, runeforms also came to be a rough form of communication between magi, an argot, or secret language. This ensured that one magi’s research would only be understood by other magi of the same rank, experience, or even sect.


The first thing necessary for a runeform spell is the nodes. The nodes gather and store ambient magical energy, allowing the spell to be released with a simple command word. This allows anyone with knowledge of the command word to use the power of the runeform. In game terms, each node present on a runeform is equal to one die of appropriate size.

The end of the runeform is the symbol known as the lead. The lead is the release point for the spell, and as such, is often represented by the symbol of an arrow or pointer. This directs the spell, and also lets the user know where to point it. In game terms, the lead symbolizes the end of a particular runeform.

In between the node(s) and the lead are modification marks. These will help define the runeform from a simple discharge of energy into a powerful and versitile spell.

The primary modifications are regulator marks. These marks are directly in the path between the nodes and lead. This mark ensures that the energy is channeled to the lead at the correct rate, ensuring that the runeform does not fail or overload. In game terms, the regulator mark denoted what size of die to use for the spell.

Following the regulator mark, on the path to the lead is any mutator marks deemed necessary for the desired effect. This will mold the energy from the nodes into the desired medium of delivery, be it cold, heat, acid, or restorative powers, et cetera. The mutator marks may be further modified with secondary marks, which will determine the effective area of the spell. Game terms: mutators add fire, ice, necrotic, radiant, etc. Secondary marks denote blast or burst effects.

Sample Runeform

This Runeform, when triggered, will cause 2D8 Fire damage, up to a range of 5 Squares away.

Known Xidel Runes

Source: Rune of Fierce Heart

Lead: Rune of Ether’s Touch

Lead-Ranged: Rune of Ether Afar

Unknown Runes




Rune of Fire

Rune of Cold

Rune of Lightning


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