Domestic Properties

Domestic properties serve as a home base or house for the adventuring party, or individual characters.

  • House- 3,000 GP, 2 stories, 30×40 feet.
  • Townhouse- 5,000 GP, same dimensions as standard house.
  • Tower- 10,000 GP, 30 feet high, 20 foot diameter.
  • Mansion- 40,000 GP, Main house and 2 wings, room for 50
  • Keep- 75,000 GP, Heavy stone fortification, room for 200
  • Castle- 250,000 GP, Curtain Wall, Keep, Stables, Forge, Kitchens, etc. Room for 1000

Industrial Properties

Goal: Get your product from the production facilities to the outlet facilities.


  • Farms- produce Wheat and Livestock. Cost to acquire: 10,000 GP, Profit: 4,000 GP annually. Duration: 10 years.
  • Mines- Produce Iron and Gold. Cost to acquire: 10,000 GP, Profit: 5,000 GP annually. Duration: 5 years.
  • Quarries- Produce Stone. Cost to acquire: 15,000 AP, Profit: 3,000 GP annually. Duration: 20 years.
  • Logging Camps- Produce Wood. Cost to acquire: 3,000 GP, Profit: 2,000 GP annually. Duration: 3 years.
  • Teamster Station- Transport product along land routes. Cost to acquire: 5,000 GP, plus 1,000 GP annually to maintain.


  • Wharf/Berth- Transport product along sea routes. Cost to acquire: 7,000 GP, plus 2000 GP annually to maintain.
  • Stores- small outlet for product, provides revenue. Apply x1.5 multiplyer for a single annual profit asset (1 Farm, 1 Quarry, etc) per store. Cost to Acquire: 2,000 GP


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