King's Certification

The King’s Certification is the highest mark of quality available to craftsmen and artisans in Cambria. It is a mark that must be earned through years of difficult toil and cost. The benefit, however, outweighs the high cost.

Certified crafters have an unofficial first pick of jobs available to their trade in all major cities, and most towns. Certified crafters of the same trade will often view their peers as colleagues more than rivals, ensuing fair shares of work opportunities, and a better exchange of knowledge. Also, certified craftsmen are guaranteed a higher price for their work. (Usually 2x to 3x normal market value)

The certification process takes years, and involves multiple tests of one’s creative ability and dedication. Aspirants must first be sponsored by a artisan who is already Certified. The sponsor will begin to guide the craft of the aspirant, preparing them for tests they will face. The next step is the presentation of the aspirant to a council of 3 Certified artisans, all of the respective profession. The aspirant will feature several pieces of their work, made to the highest quality they possess. This may take several attempts, for the vote to promote the aspirant must be unanimous. The aspirant, now known as a journeyman/woman must now work amongst the other crafters, acting as an assistant, while working their projects on their own time. Finally, a journeyman may present a master-level example of their work for review by the Crafter’s Council, which meets once a year in Boscon. If their pice is accepted and found to be without flaw, the journeyman will receive their Certification from the King the following day.

Game Terms: 4+ years of work, approximate cost of 10,000 GP

King's Certification

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