Heftofen Brothers

Twin brothers born in 164 AU, Heinrich and Reinhardt Heftofen displayed, from an early age, an insatiable curiosity, and natural aptitude for anything their young minds were set to. As the boys grew older, their studies ranged from anatomy and botany to alchemy and artifice. In 185 AU, the brothers booked passage to New Espa, seeking to explore the thick jungles and mysterious ruins within.

Heinrich Heftofen, the older brother by 10 minutes, is a tall studious man with blonde hair kept in a ponytail or braid. He excels at natural science, having a vast knowledge of botany, geology, alchemy, and medical practices.

Reinhardt Heftofen is shorter and stockier than his brother, and keeps a large moustache instead of long hair like his brother. He is a natural metalworker, engineer, and artificer.

In 187 AU, the brothers returned from an expedition into the jungles with a curious sand. This sand, found in deposits in jungle pools, could be mixed with Dragonsbreath to stabilize the volitile compound, allowing for much more accurate yields of the material. The brothers quickly gained fame for their discovery.

When the New Espan Forum delared independance from their parent kingdom, the brothers remained in New Espa, acting as advisors to the newly formed Forum and Revolutionary Council.

Heftofen Brothers

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