Banking and Investment

The Blacktooth Clan offers banking and investment services to any who can furnish the funds.

Banking houses can be found in all major cities in Cambria, and the clan also has small offices in most decent sized towns.


Accounts: There are 2 types of accounts, exchange accounts and depository accounts. Exchange accounts are used to freely deposit and withdraw funds from any of the banking offices. The funds are instantly accessible upon presentation of identity. These accounts are mainly used by travelers and merchants, to safely secure money while moving from place to place. Depository accounts are used for small investments by the bank itself, with the client gaining interest on the account in exchange for its use. Depository accounts are only accessible for fund transfer at certain times, depending on the rate of interest agreed upon.

Investments: The Blacktooth Bank also handles large investments by clients, providing financial guidance and a baseline of security, standing behind their recommendations. A minimum amount of 1000 GP is required for investment in this way. Clients with smaller amounts are encouraged to look into depository accounts instead.

Depository Account Options

Option 1: The Tortoise Plan

The tortoise plan is the best option for reliable, steady growth. The plan is based off of a 3% per month interest rate. We here at the bank realize that life can be quite tumultuous at times, and there might be situations in which extra funds are needed as soon as possible. For this reason, we offer a once-per-month transfer option with the tortoise plan.

Option 2: The Badger Plan

The Badger plan is our most popular plan for small business owners and merchants. It does require some financial savvy, for the generous 6% interest rate is sometimes offset by the 3 month downtime on transfer options.

Option 3: The Owl Plan

The Owl plan is reserved for the patient client. We offer a healthy 10% interest rate, with an option for transfer once every 6 months. This plan is perfect for the parent looking to send their child to a good school in the future.

Banking and Investment

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