Torvan States

Individual States:

Lycurgus: Warriors trained in the brutal schools of Lycurgus are reputed to be the fiercest and best disciplined in all of the states. Lead by Archon Anthias. Represented by Senator Plateus.

Solon: The modern Torvan law system was born in Solon, and the city-state boasts highly educated jurists and scribes. Led by Archon Zerva. Represented by Senator Democ.

Pausanias: The forests of Pausanias are unique in their composition of rare trees. Pausanian carpenters produce exquisite pieces of woodcraft. Led by Skaltsa. Represented by Senator Larium.

Laconia: Laconian alchemists have been refining their art for centuries, creating new medicines and potions with a myriad of effects and benefits. Led by Emonos. Represented by Senator Theophrast.

Phidias: The Vivliothiki, or more commonly, the Great Library, is located in Phidias, and houses the single largest inventory of books and scrolls in the known world. Led by Archon Ippolitis. Represented by Senator Hypatius.

Aspasia: Home to several bardic colleges, Aspasia is known for the poets, minstrels, and historians who reside there. Led by Archon Diomias. Represented by Senator Jovius.

Troiya: Troiyan soild is dark and rich, which when mixed with the warm year-round weather makes it idea for farming. Exotic crops such as olives and grapes are plentiful in this region. Troiyan wine is highly valued by sommeliers. Led by Archon Mendis. Represented by Senator Gemmnon.

Nicias: Nicias produces the cut stone by which the buildings of the Torvan States are built, as well as the iron and coal for their tools. Led by Archon Chironos. Represented by Senator Tosthinus.

Thrace: Thrace is best known as the location of Bloodstone Arena, the premier gladiatorial arena of the land. Led by Archon Kritonos. Represented by Senator Alaric.

Croesus: Claimed to be the original birthplace of the metal coin (disputed by Combine historians), Croesus remains a trading hub and the prime import station for exotic wares. Led by Archon Iras. Represented by Senator Xenophus.

Samos: Samos is home to the Apokrefos Kollegio, an institute dedicated to the study and application of magic in all its forms. Led by Archon Charas. Represented by Senator Simoneus.

Abdera: Abderan shipwrights are sought as foremen and consultants in most nations of Geldar, their maritime knowledge second to none. Led by Archon Aphrodias. Represented by Senator Themis.

Torvan States

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