Geographic Features of Thorbia

Unsi Tsol: (The Ash Desert) The majority of Thorbia is a climate known as an ash waste. The event that devastated the landscape of Thorbia in the distant past had far reaching consequences, which are still seen by its inhabitants today. The most recognizable example of this is the ash waste. Thousands of years of volcanic ashfall has turned the environment into a barren wasteland, reminiscent of a dark, sulfurous desert. Thoe not used to the environment usually require breathing masks, as the ash will inflame the lungs, and irritate the respitory system. Few plants grow in the waste, and those that do are some of the hardiest examples of flora on Thestria.

Ulaan Zamuud: (The Red Paths) The Red Paths are rivers of lava that flow throughout Thorbia. The Paths are the result of a massive arcane event in Thorbia in the distant past. Scholars believe that it was this event that turned Thorbia into the ash waste it is today, and also tenuously linked the area with a fiery part of the Elemental Chaos. The occasional appearace of fire archons and other flame elementals seems to support this theory. Travel over the flows is possible by the multitude of bridges that have been built over time. (Note: Even in the most lawless days of Thorbia’s history, these bridges were neutral ground, as they were invaluable to all parties.)

Orgil Galus: (Fire Peaks) The Orgil Galus are the northen mountains of Thorbia, home to several superactive volcanoes. Because of the link to the Elemental Chaos, the Fire Peaks are in a constant state of eruption, continuously remaking themselves, and fueling the lava of the Red Paths.

Cities and Settlements

Note: Permanent settlements are a recent development in the Thorbian wastes, and the settlements that do exist are much less villages and towns, and much more in like of military camps. Indeed, the settlements of Ordon Beruud and Ordon Khoid roughly translate as “Fort West” and “Fort North”, respectively.

Shakra Drek: Shakra Drek is the capital of unified Thorbia, and the seat of power from which Armen Drek rules. It is foremost a military fortress, with little taken in the way or artistry or ornamentation. The skulls of fallen foes reside on the walls, and each buidling in the city is easily part of the overall fortification. There is no lush palace, but at the same time, Shakra Drek is no barbarian city of savages. Armen Drek resides in the Valorhall, which is the premier training barracks for the Thorbian militia. He is the headmaster of this school of war, and teaches by brutal example.

Agaar Kot: Agaar Kot is a city deep within the Orgil Galus. It is known as the “City of the Brave” for its precarious location amongst the volcanos of the mountain range. Indeed, travel to the city is so dangerous that only a fraction of those who travel to or from the city survive the trip. Far from being a deterrant, its location seen as a challenge by many of the raider lords who wish to prove their courage and tenacity.

Agaar Kot is also home to the monastery of the Fire Monks, a unique order of warrior priests, following a philosophy they call “The Way of the Flame”

Tomor Malgi: The lone seaport of Thorbia, Tomor Malgi (Iron Helm) is less the military camp of the other Thorbian settlements, and the most akin to a city that one would find in any other nation. Here, trade and commerce have a bit more influence than the sword. The city is, however, still subject to the laws of the empire.

Ordon Beruud: Known in the common tongue as Fort West, Ordon Beruud is located on the Thorbian-Voychek border, west of the Golyn Us (River of Water, an uncommon site in Thorbia). Ordon Beruud is much more of a military encampment, even more so than Shakra Drek. The purpose of the settlement is to monitor Collective activity, and intercept any Voychek parties that cross the river.

Ordon Khoid: Easily the most embattled location in the whole of Thorbia, Ordon Khoid sits on the Thorbian-Escalese border. Centuries of mutual blood-feuding and killing have made these two nations the bitterest of enemies, and Ordon Khoid is the front line on the hundreds of miniature wars that occur between the two nations each year. The Escalese crown does not formally recognize the rule of Armen Drek, and instead treats the Thorbians as they have for generations, like vagrants and criminals. Thorbian raiding parties that cross into Escalan often bring Escalese militia or even regular army units trailing them, and the fortress has been in a near constant state of siege since its construction.

Thorbian Culture

Armen Drek
Ley del Emperador
Thorbian Slavery

Khel: Khel is an argot used in Thorbia. It is a unique blend of Giant, Goblin, and various regional vocabulary. It evolved from the battle languages of the various raiding bands of pre-unified Thorbia. Armen Drek has since classed Khel as an official language of Thorbia, and it is taught to the young as well as Draconic.


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