The Xidel Empire


The following information was found inscribed on tablets located within the Temple of the Sun Children. These tablets are currently the only known record of the history of the Xidel Empire.

*Note: of the 6 tablets containing the record of the Xidel, only 4 were readable. The remaining two tablets were damaged beyond translation.


“Our entire history is in these halls. We once climbed the tallest peaks, sailed the great oceans, and flew with the birds of the sky. We sough knowledge and wisdom from the spirits of the earth, the arcane mysteries of magic, and the deepest recesses of the mind. We created children in our image, and with them, learned to sail new seas, above and below. Alas, our hubris was our undoing.”


All information upon the second tablet was damaged beyond translation.


“Our magi, the [UNTRANSLATABLE], studied this evil too closely, and in time, became its servants. Turning their backs on their sons and daughters, these foul fallen ones knew bonds only to each other in darkness. Their vile pact with the chained one sealed all our destinies. And so began the war.”


All information upon the second tablet was damaged beyond translation.


“Once our foes unleashed their plague, our victories were all for naught. Our airships could not rain fire upon a disease, our war striders could not smite an infection. Our forces were decimated. The only hope, a great and terrible hope, lay with our greatest sage. His plan would seal the Fallen away, but at terrible cost. We would cease to exist as a people, our spirits becoming the energy that would banish the Fallen.”


“So now we go to complete this deed, and rid the world of our mistake. Only our Children will remain. It is up to the Children of the Sun to find their own way, and ensure that this great evil nevermore plagues this world. Forgive us. Remember us.”


Xidel Names
Xidel Castes


Sunstones- A sunstone is created when a flawless crystal of appropriate size is left in direct, constant sunlight while being continually infused with magic energy. Even through this process, it takes a period of 5 years to fully charge a sunstone. Thus, sunstones are constantly created in massive farms, with dozens of solar arrays. The power of a sunstone can run a Sun Child indefinitely, and properly distributed, a few can provide all the power necessary to fly an airship, or guide a submersible.

Cortex- The Xidelian Cortex network once ran the width and breadth of the Xidel Empire, a powerful tool of communication, and vast library of knowledge. Today, few Cortex points remain intact, and the once enormous network is no more. With few exceptions, Cortex enclaves are now singular depositories, unable to communicate with others. Currently, there are only 3 known cortex enclaves. One was activated by Leandros First-Sight in the expedition to the Temple of the Sun Children, and another was found within the Temple itself. A third Cortex enclave has been reported by the Sun Children expeditionary force, located north of the ruins of Keynos.

Chronomancy- The last gift to the Sun Children was the gift of knowledge. The Xidelians were masters of a forgotten magic, magic that affected time itself. The ability to slow down, or even stop time is a powerful tool. The Xidel mages have left behind their research and knowledge of this magic, in order to help their living legacy in the great task.

Runeforms- First developed as spell focuses by ancient magi of the Xidel Empire, runeforms were used to direct the pattern and flow of magic energy. At first, they were simply used to instruct and aid novice mages, being a written representation of arcane energy. It was discovered, however, that a disciplined mind could also use runeform components to alter or enhance existing spells.
In time, runeforms also came to be a rough form of communication between magi, an argot, or secret language. This ensured that one magi’s research would only be understood by other magi of the same rank, experience, or even sect.

War Striders: Xidel War Striders are bi-pedal suits designed and operated in antiquity by Xidel pilots. Each suit greatly enhances the strength and endurance of the operator. The suits are fully armored, allosing the pilot to survive heavy enemy attacks. Each suit is also equipped with a solar array, allowing for powerful discharges of radiant energy.

War Colossi:

Airships: Xidel airships are larger and faster than the contemporary Cambrian airships, and their large size belies their high maneuverability. They are not powered by elementals, but instead by a powerful Sunstone reactor. A levistone array provides the lift, and thrust is accomplished through props and thrusters. Warships are heavily armed and armored, mounting both radiant beam weaponry and conventional projectiles.

Levistone: Levistone is an ore that only exists within the tumult of the Elemental Chaos. It is unique in that it defies gravity. Levistone can be seen floating at varying heights, and the altitude of a piece of levistone can be adjusted through use of a crystalline infuser. Levistone deposits are found in the heart of all the earth motes in the Elemental Chaos. Xidel engineers once used levistone to provide lift for their mighty airships and sky-cities.

Xidelian Runes*

Sun Children

Children of the Sun- Constructs left behind by the Xidel Empire, the Children of the Sun (Sun Children, Sun Child) are the only living remnants of the Empire. Reactivated when their stasis in the Temple of the Sun Children was ended, the Children now search for their purpose in this new world. Their last memories being a time when the Xidel Empire stretched from coast to coast, they are lost and confused with the state they find the world in.

The Sun Children have recently begun construction of a colony near the city of Yliad, approximately 5 miles to the south of the city.

Notable Sun Children


The Xidel Empire

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