Nellac Combine


Bharsaf- The capital city of the Combine, Bharsaf is built into both sides of a massive canyone known as the Bharath. Intricate rope bridges and lifts ferry people around the city.

Madaba- Madaba is the second largest city in the Combine, and lies on the banks of the Nahara. It is the only city. surrounded by large amounts of fertile land. Madaba produces the grain and livestock that feeds most of the Combine.

Qa Alrim- A city once mighty, Qa Alrim now exists only as a ruin, slowly being consumed by the sands and corrupting energies of the Vorax Vitae



Geographic Features

The Bharath- The great canyon that holds the city of Bharsaf

The Nahara- the single river running through the great desert, and the surrounding fertile land around it.

Guilds of the Combine

In essence, the Guilds and their council are the government of the Combine. Individually, the guilds are influential, but not overly powerful, economically or militarily. However, united as a trust, they are a force to be reckoned with. Each of the 9 guildmasters has their own area of operation and cooperation, and spheres of influence and rivalry are ever shifting in the Combine. There is a unspoken consensus, however, that the good of the Combine outweighs any personal quarrels.

The Guilds started as basic organizations, bands of artisans coming together to set fair prices and standards for their craft. Soon, the guilds found their roles expanding, with more tradesmen wishing representation and protection.

Banking Guild- Easily the most recognizable guild in the world, the Nellac Banking Guild has set the trade standard for currencies all across the continent, and operates with a resolute policy of professional integrity and political neutrality. The current guildmaster for the Banking Guild is Andrasta Thales, a female tiefling of Torvan descent.

Guild of the Orb of Mysteries- The “Orb Guild” represents spellcasters and arcane artificers, setting rates for spellcasting services, magical transportation, and arcane items. The current guildmaster is Sextus Milo, a male human wizard.

Guild of the Polished Blade- The Sword Guild deals with mercenaries and arms dealers. They do not handle smithing services, but rather the finished products from the forge. The Sword Guild manages mercenary companies, bodyguard services, and sanctioned privateers. The current head of the Sword Guild is Morimoto Abe, an aged but still powerful Dragonborn warrior from the plains of Saitana.

Guild of the Loyal Scythe- One of the most influential guilds (everyone has to eat), the Scythe guild handles farmers, drovers, and cloth producers. The current guildmaster is Pierre Dumont, an elven male from Gaston.

Guild of the Hardened Chisel- The Chisel Guild oversees stonemasons, sculptors, engineers, and quarriers. Their guildmaster is Hallah Icehammer, a male dwarf from Espa.

Guild of the Fine-toothed Saw- Wherein the Chisel Guild deals with stone in all its forms, so too does the Saw Guild with wood. Lumberjacks, millers, and carpenters fall under their purview. Erwin von Kest of Krona leads the guild.

Guild of the Everturning Wheel- The transportation guild is easily the most widespread of all the guilds, doing constant business in all corners of the world. The Wheel guild oversees shipwrights, sailors, teamsters, porters, and couriers. The current head is Henrietta Kingsbury, a female human sea captain from Cambria.

Guild of the Golden Crucible- The Crucible Guild handles all glaziers, herbalists, and alchemists. They are the most secretive of all the guilds, carefully guarding any and all information on their arts. The current leader for the Crucible Guild is Tilia Shadowmoon, a female half-elf from New Espa.

Guild of the Shaping Hammer- The Hammer guild deals with miners, metalsmiths, and jewelers. The current guildmaster is Snorri Svensson, a dwarf from Escalan.

The Black Guild- There exists another silent power in the combine, one never acknowledged, but never ignored. Organized crime is a plague set upon the Combine as a whole, and it has taken form in a dark shadowy version of the guilds. This so called “Black Guild” is network of slavers, assassins, thieves, and other degenerates, selling their services to the highest bidder. A tiefling known as Anaxagoras Gint is said to lead the Black Guild, but no living soul can claim to have seen him.

Nellac Combine

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