Mechanika finds its origins in the eastern kingdoms of Geldar, most prominently in Escalan and Espa. Most early mechanika was reverse engineered from recovered Xidel artifacts or equipment. Modern mechaniks, however, have since created their own processes and approaches to the mixture of arcana and machinery.


In the hands of a skilled mechanik with a well equipped workshop, it takes roughly 2 hours to assemble most any small handheld items. Weapons and light armor take more time, requiring about 8 hours to fully assemble correctly. Heavy armor is the most difficult to deal with, requiring 12 to 16 hours of labor.


Mechanikal items are comprised of 3 separate parts. The housing, a capacitor, and the runeplate. Housings is usually a set or armor, a weapon, or another item that can be affected by runeplates. Capacitors use various forms of stored energy to power the mechanika when needed. The most important part of any mechanikal device, however, is the runeplate. Runeplates are the term for the special metal strips inscribed with magical runic formulae that allow for the unique effects of mechanika.


Mechanika is still rare outside of Espan and Escalese controlled areas, and even there is usually for military use only. Housings can be found in various markets, but will usually cost 10 times the normal price.

Fabrication of a housing is the preferred method for many mechaniks, as this allows them to oversee every stage of assembly, and add personal touches to their works. Fabrication will require a workshop, and consume 3 times the normal amount of gold needed to purchase the standard item. There are also time limitations, as it will take anywhere from 1 to 3 extra weeks to ensure that the mechanikal aspects will not hamper the basic purpose of the item, or vice versa.

Most normal items can be retrofit in a workshop to utilize runeplates, but it is often easier to simply fabricate or buy a housing meant for mechanikal use. Retrofitting an item will take one week of time for small items, and up to a month for larger items such as heavy armor. The process will also cost materials equal to 3 times the standard price for the item being fitted.


Capacitors come in various forms, each using a different type of source to power mechanikal equipment. Each type of capacitor has its advantages and drawbacks, and while some mechaniks work exclusively with a singular capacitor type, most agree that the situation often decides the best form of power source to use.

Alchemical Capacitor
An orb filled with green and purple alchemical concoctions, alchemical capacitors are relatively cheap to purchase or create, but are one-use items, and are useless once their charge is depleted. An alchemical capacitor provides 3 RP of power for a single week, and is then depleted. Alchemical capacitors can be purchased for around 100 GP. Alchemical capacitors can be fabricated in a workshop for about 30GP in materials, and 8 hours of work.

Arcane Turbine
(Large Size)- 8 RP, 6 hours of use, recharge with 50 GP components
5000 GP
Fabricate 3600 GP, 2 weeks, requires workshop

Arcanodynamic Accumulator- 4 RP, 1 month of use, no recharge
500 GP
Fabricate 200 GP, 1 day, requires workshop

Clockwork Capacitor- 3 RP, 1 days use, recharge 15 min
800 GP
Fabricate 200 GP, 3 days, requires workshop

Storm Chamber (Large Size)- 5 RP, 1 year of use, no recharge
2500 GP
Fabricate 800 GP, 1 week, requires workshop


  • 1 week or etching per rune
  • Requires workshop
  • Maximum of 5 Rune Points per plate
  • RP is also amount of power required to operate item

Runic Inscriptions

Feats: 2 RP, 3 uses per capacitor charge

  • Activation unlocks Alert feat
  • Activation unlocks Athlete feat
  • Lightning Greaves: Activation unlocks Charger feat
  • Activation unlocks Dungeon Delver feat
  • Activation unlocks Elemental Adept feat
  • Chirurgeon Apparatus: Activation unlocks Healer feat
  • Activation unlocks Keen Mind feat
  • Activation unlocks Linguist feat
  • Mana-Lock Array: Activation unlocks Mage Slayer feat
  • Activation unlocks Mobile feat
  • Arcantrik Scope: Activation unlocks Observant feat
  • Ironweave Reinforcement: Activation unlocks Resilient feat
  • Chem-Harness: Activation unlocks Savage Attacker feat
  • Vigilance Engine: Activation unlocks Sentinel feat
  • Omni-Scope: Activation unlocks Sharpshooter feat
  • Bulwark Generator: Activation unlocks Shield Master feat
  • Shadow Matrix: Activation unlocks Skulker feat

Skill Packages: 1 RP, 3 uses per capacitor charge. Each package provides a +4 bonus to all skills within for the duration.

Athlete package: Athletics, Acrobatics, Slight of Hand, Stealth
Scholar package: Arcana, History, Investigation, Religion
Shaman package: Animal Handling, Survival, Nature, Medicine
Rogue package: Deception, Persuasion, Insight, Perception

Seize- used vs. other mechanika, immobile 1 round on save, stunned 1 round on fail
Disbinder- interrupts spellcasting concentration
Weaveshear- ignores magical bonuses to defenses (Shield, Mage Armor, etc)
Defibrilator/Detox- Auto-stabilize on 0 HP, auto-anti-toxin
Liquiferrum- mutable metal able to take a variety of shapes and grant effects


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