Haswith- Haswith deals with the majority of the ore and stone that comes out of the Irontooth mines. Their craftsmanship is second only to the Blacktooth goblins of Korat’s Tooth. There is a large mercenary community in town.

Kell- Near the eastern border, Kell is a constant bustle of trade and exchange. There is always a large market outside town, where it is said that one can find anything if they truly look for it.

Downharrow- Downharrow is a small farming town located south of Boscon. Its inhabitants are described as standoffish at best. Outsiders are treated civilly, but are quickly sent on their way.

Newmast- Built from the ruins of beached/wrecked ships, Newmast functions as a small port town. It is also the gathering place for the daring Dross Guides, the only folk able to navigate the Mephidross


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