The Pact


The Fallen


The Pact came into being after the fall of the Xidel magi to the corruption of the Abyss. After the war, the Fallen were sealed away in the Abyss, but have now began to awaken from their imprisoning slumber.

The Fallen

The Youngest
First To Awaken

Praetorian: Corrupted Keeper

The Dark Countess
Second To Awaken
Tattered Wings

Praetorian: Dread Archer

The Demon Knight
Third To Awaken

Praetorian: Hunter

The Hellmage
Fourth To Awaken

Praetorian: Necromancer Prime

The Grand General
Fifth To Awaken

Praetorian: Archite

The Eldest
Sixth To Awaken

Praetorian: Desecrator

Caer Torias
The Father
The Everwoken


File Troops

Trooper- The basic Pact Trooper is not much of a threat when faced alone by an experienced combatant. The danger of Pact Troopers is that they are often deployed in squads of up to 20, which can overwhelm a foe by sheer force of numbers. Troopers are fanatics, and never surrender, preferring to fight to the death.

Knight- Pact Knights are the cavalry of the Pact Army. Upon horses, nightmares, demonic lizards, or any other sort of riding beast, they sweep around the battlefield. Knights are often the second wave of a Pact assault, the ‘true’ front line warriors, behind the buffer of the troopers.

Commander- Field Commanders are the leaders of a Pact army group. They often direct the battle from the rear, and rarely risk themselves in direct combat.

Templar- Templars are the high-ranking knights of the Pact armies. Incredible resilient and heavily armored, they are usually attached to a large squad of knights or a platoon of troopers. Their heavy shields and plate armor protect them from most damage, and their skill with the longsword they carry is second to none.

Mage- Magi of the Pact are trained for battle from the time they are inducted into the ranks of the Pact. They do not waste time with common spells of luxury, or those of study. Pact Mages are spellthrowers, in a basic sense. They are adept at all spells directed towards offensive combat.

Mage Primus- Prime MAgi are formidable opponents, taking the spellthrowing abilities of their underlings to an advanced level. A single Mage Primus is capable of casting multiple spells in a very small amount of time, each one of these capable of striking a different opponent.

Necromancer- Necromancers are distinguished from normal Pact Mages by reason of their methods. Pact Magi who excel in necromancy are separated from their fellows, and given extensive training in necromantic spells and rituals. Necromancers are also trained in basic fieldcraft and wilderness survival. One may think these skills odd for a mage, but the mission of the Necromancer Order is a unique one. Necromancers are often deployed alone, or in small teams of 2-3 to areas either not yet conquered, or hostile. They then begin their nefarious craft, and raise their own force, comprised of skeletons, zombies, and other assorted undead. With these small armies, they independently wage a war against any local populace, inciting fear and panic.

Raptor- Winged mutants, the Raptors function as airborne infantry. Their black wings allow them to cross over ground obstacles and defenses with ease, and their axes often make quick work of enemy soldiers and supplies alike. Raptors are often deployed to seek and destroy enemy patrols, burn supplies, and assassinate enemy commanders in the field.


Operative- The basic Hydra agent, operatives are sleeper agents, terrorists, and scouts for the Pact armies. Operatives are not necessarily warriors; many are spies and informants, passing on information.

Shadow- Hidden in darkness, Shadows blend in to their surroundings, acting as assassins for the Hydra Order. Striking from the darkness with their greatswords, Shadows leave behind bloody corpses as a message to any who would pursue them.

Cleanser- Cleansers are hound-like creatures created to remove evidence of Pact activity in an area. They are capable of bathing an area in flames, using arcane fire to destroy any evidence of Pact activities in that particular area.


Grown in arcane laboratories, abominations are creatures bred for only one purpose: to destroy. They are devoid of intelligent thought, and are nigh-uncontrollable, even by their Pact masters. For this reason, they are almost always accompanied by other Pact forces, acting as “minders”. When the Pact forces truly want to inspire chaos in a region, legions of abominations will be released without any control measures taken.

Dreg- Dregs are the smaller abominations. Small, extremely fast, and possessing a paralyzing
touch. They utilize rough pack tactics against foes, singling out the weak and helpless first.

Juggernaut- Juggernauts are large, extremely durable foes. They are hulking monstrosities, able to endure extreme amounts of damage before falling. Juggernauts are also possessed of a unique feature. After falling in battle, if the head of the Juggernaut is not removed, it will flood the body with arcane energy, bringing the body back to a semblance of life, able to attack once more.

Soulforged- Soulforged are large constructs used by the Pact as first-wave assault troops. They are the only Pact forces able to withstand the pressures and temperatures within the meteor tubes. They are powered by the disembodied spirit of a lesser demon. The spirit of the demon functions as both the power source and pilot of the construct, providing instinct and experience to complement the logic engines basic tactical functioning. Soulforged can function with just the basic logic engine, but are severely limited in their actions and abilities when this is the case.


Praetorians are specialized troops, each unique to the Fallen that they serve.


Battle Motes- Though motes are a common enough sight in the Feywild and Elemental Chaos, the Battle Motes are more akin to a floating fortress than a natural formation. Bristling with armaments and capable of housing entire armies, a single battle mote can turn the tide of a war.

Meteor Tubes- Meteor tubes are an offensive weapon based on many battle motes. Giant spheres of rock are loaded into the tubes, then, using arcane conduits, are magically heated and accelerated down the tubes. Upon exiting, the friction usually causes any soft rock or residual soils to ignite, sending a flaming ball of rock towards the target below. Meteor tubes can also be used for transport spheres, but the pressure and temperatures involved therein are more than mortal bodies can withstand. Thus, transit spheres are usually only occupied soulforged constructs.

Attack Platforms- The primary form of transport to and from battle motes, platforms come in a variety of sizes, with the basic being approximately 30×30 feet. This standard platform has a control podium, and enough room to transport 36 Medium sized creatures. Platforms can only be controlled from the podium, and even then, only with the possession of an attuned control rod. One control rod is granted to each platform commander before the beginning of an operation, and attuned to that person’s aura only.

The Pact

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