Irontooth Mountains- A mountain range abundant in metals and precious stones. There is a link to the Elemental Chaos flowing through the mountains, and often old mines, long since abandoned, will suddenly be once again full of ore.

Golden Plains- A large area of grass plains and savannah, the Golden Plains are home to a variety of wildlife, and is rumored to be under the protection of angels. (Connected to the Astral Sea in certain areas)

The Dross- a highly toxic swamp, “The ‘Dross” is almost completely uninhabitable, except for the hardiest and most cunning of souls. Its connection to the Shadowfell multiplies this several times. If the gloom or land doesn’t kill you, the wildlife will…

Yliessan- A massive forest in northern Cambria, Yliessan is home to several elven, eladrin, and gnome communities. A close link to the Feywild, Yliessan is full of varied animals and exotic plants. The Eladrin spirecities of Tor Vassail and Tor Venaal are located within the forest.

Salt Seas- Home to nomadic sailors known as the Vistani, the sea is also the home of multiple pirate brotherhoods, including the mysterious Black Skull Bandits.


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