Races of Cambria

First off, Cambria is home to many different races in varying degrees. Some are more numerous than others, and can bee seen with nothing thought odd. Others are a bit more exotic, and though folk might have heard of these races, not everyone will have seen a member of said races. The third category is the rare types of people that one might encounter, people that will be remembered for their odd appearance and mannerisms as much as their deeds.

Common Races

(You could throw a rock into a crowd, and stand an equal chance of hitting any of these races)

  • Human (PH1)
  • Dwarf (PH1)
  • Elf (PH1)
  • Half-Elf (PH1)
  • Halfling (PH1)
  • Dragonborn (PH1)
  • Orc (MM)
  • Goblin (Dungeon Survival Guide)
  • Half-Orc (PH2)

Uncommon Races

(Not everyday, but not at all surprising. Numbers may vary depending on geographic location)

  • Shadar-kai (MM1, Dragon 372)
  • Tiefling (PH1)
  • Goliath (PH2)
  • Gnome (PH2)
  • Kobold (Dungeon Survival Guide)
  • Genasi (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide)
  • Drow (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide)
  • Eladrin (PH1)
  • Shifter (PH2)
  • Changeling (Eberron Player’s Guide)
  • Hobgoblin (Dragon 419)
  • Sun Child
  • Trollkin
  • Vampire (Heroes of Shadow)

Rare Races

(What in the world was that?)

  • Bladeling (Manual of the Planes)
  • Deva (PH2)
  • Hengeyokai (Dragon 404)
  • Minotaur (PH3)
  • Mul (Dark Sun Campaign Setting)
  • Revenant (Dragon 376, Heroes of Shadow)
  • Shade (Heroes of Shadow)
  • Svirfneblin (Dungeon Survival Guide)
  • Thri-kreen (Dark Sun Campaign Setting)
  • Warforged (Eberron Player’s Guide)
  • Wilden (PH3)
  • Vryloka (Heroes of Shadow)
  • Svirfneblin (Dungeon Survival Guide)

Note: Shardminds and Kalashtar are no longer available choices for player characters. They will once again be an option when (or if) the characters progress to the point in the story where they appear


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