Primal Spirits


This material is lightly copied over from Primal Power, not my own creation

Those who follow the spirit way believe that the primal spirits flowed through the world beginning at the moment when there was a world to move through, and creatures to inhabit it. Perhaps their existence was a natural consequence of the world’s creation. Maybe the gods created the primal spirits-intentionally or inadvertently-when they imbued their creation with permanence. Some say the primal spirits created themselves, others that the primal spirits were the original archetypes the gods used when they shaped the world.

In any event, although they were present from the beginning of creation, those first primal spirits lacked the ability or the will to communicate with the earliest sentient beings, and the first mortals could not hear the spirits in the same way they heard the orders and threats of the gods and the primordials.

The gods helped set the world right, creating order and shaping life and living things according to their own terms. But then the gods stepped away from the world to fight the Dawn War against the primordials. While the gods and the primordials waged great battles in their far-off realms, the primal spirits of the world found their voice.

When the Dawn War spilled over into the mortal realm, spirits such as Stormhawk helped keep the world from being destroyed . Tree Father, Great Bear, and the Hunter Twins gave aid to the desperate peoples of the world, allowing them to survive in those devastating times.

When their war was done, the gods looked to the world in victory- only to discover that the primal spirits had managed to seize what the gods had fought for.

By the power they wielded in the mortal world, the spirits declared that both gods and primordials were banished from direct contact with the world. With the gods ensconced in the Astral Sea above and the surviving primordials bound or lost in the Elemental Chaos below, the world would exist as a place of balance-a realm of life and death and the never ending cycle of the seasons. Weakened by war and unwilling to destroy the world to spite the spirits that had claimed it, the gods relented.

Primal Spirits

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