Notable NPCs

Fray NPCs

Lorekeeper Marcus- Senior priest at the Temple of Illumination. (Human male, 65 years old)
Civitas Riley- Junior priest at the Temple of Illumination. (Human male, 28 years old)

Abbot Crane- Head of the Temple of Martial Justice. (Dragonborn male, 50 years old)

Delatos Xenophon- Barrister, senior partner in the firm Xenophon, Karter, DuBois, and Koniger. (Tielfing male, 38 years old)

Demetrios Erastos- Certified Cartographer, philanthropist. (Tiefling male, 32 years old)
Nicodemus- Butler and assistant to Demetrios Erastos. (Tielfing male, 54 years old)

Heinrich Krueger- Owner of the House of Wonders, a shop of oddities. (Human male, age unkown, approximately 45 in appearance.)
Otto- Assistant to Heinrich Krueger. (Race unknown, gender unkown, though presumably male. Age unknown)

Keskur- Owner of the Armsman’s Emporium, a high-end weapons shop. (Half-Elf male, 43 years old.)

The Thrax

Captain Henrietta Kingsbury- Captain of the Thrax. (Human female, 36 years old)
Gregor Bauer- First mate of the Thrax. (Dwarf male, 77 years old. left eye gone, wears patch. Right arm ends at wrist)
Grunt- Crewman of the Thrax. (Goliath male, age unkown.)
“Groan”- Crewman of the Thrax. (Human male, 40 years old)

The Fighter’s Guild

Warlord Kang- Leader of the Fighter’s Guild. (Human male, approximately 65 years old)
Renard Dumont- Guild Emissary, second in command. (Elf male, 50 years old)
Bulwark- Member of the Fighter’s Guild. (Warforged, male identification, age unknown)

The House of Clorival

Sir Gareth Clorival- Knight, Wolf of Maldeen, consumate badass. (Human male, 55 years old. Physically resembles Teddy Roosevelt after weight training with Spartans)

Edwin Clorival- Knight Errant, eldest of the Clorival scions. Into shield bashing things. Popular with the ladies. (Human male, 30 years old. Appearance like a young Sean Bean, with a hint of Harrison Ford.)

Percival Clorival- Knight Errant, second of the Clorival scions. Into parkour and diving through windows, cool shit like that. (Human male, 25 years old. Looks like the love child of Chris Pine and Chris Evans)

Clorvis Clorival- Knight Errant, youngest of the Clorival scions. Into AoE blade sweeps and healing. Can juggle. (Human male, 20 years old. Tom Hardy could be his twin.)

Hoshi Sato (Clorival)- Knight Errant, adopted son of Gareth. Into being all stoic, then one-shotting motherfuckers with a katana. Digs tea. (Human male, 31 years old. Looks like a young Pat Morita)

Escalan NPCs

Bulveye, Called Two-Swords- Jarl of the Aett
Svessal, Called Scarjaw- Thane to Bulveye
Ogvai, Called Redmaw- Skald of the Aett

Kalbog- Ogre, owner of the Thrusting Leper
Grod, Mog, and Kanabrac- Thrusting Leper barflies (Ogre, Troll, and Orc, respectively)

Kalced NPCs

Cornelius Titus- Pontus shopowner
Claudia Lucia- Escaped Kalced mage
Seneca Vespasianus- Kag Neral Inquisitor


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