Minor Gods

Velastra, Goddess of Knowledge LN

Depicted as both a gnome and a tiefling woman, Velastra represents the search for meaning through education and scholarly pursuits. She is the patron deity of sages, teachers, and craftsmen.

Sarai, Goddess of Life CG

Appearing as a human or half elf woman, Sarai is the patron deity of healers, surgeons, and herbalists. She represents the healing aspects of the Life domain.

Artallius, God of Light LG

Artallius represents Hope in the aspect of the Light domain. He is depicted as a human paladin, always glowing golden with a hand outstretched.

Hur’Foran, God of Nature NG

Hur’Foran represents nature as the basis of life. He is the patron deity of farmers, woodsmen, and hunters. He is depicted as a tall man with mossy green hair and deer antlers.

Skovi, Goddess of Storms CE

Skovi is depcted as a dwarven woman clothed in a dress of fishing nets, casting about in a rage. She holds sway over ocean storms, and fishermen and sailors pay her tribute to curb her wrath.

Jamajin, God of Trickery CN

Jamajin is depicted as a halfling or half-elf, always with one eye. He represents change in all things, and promotes cleverness and guile. He is the patron deity of thieves, swindlers, and merchants.

Ket, Goddess of War N

Ket is depicted as a half-orc or dragonborn warrior, clad with helm, sword, and shield. She is the apolitical goddess of war, caring not for the reasons for the fight, only the fight itself. Warriors and soldiers of every battlefield do her bidding, simply by participation.

Morvash, God of Death LE

Morvash is often represented as a hooded figure holding an hourglass and a scythe, but has also been depicted as a raven perched atop a skull. He is the inevitability of death, the impending mortality. He delights in his work, gathering newly dead souls.


The beings presented here are not true gods, but rather divine vestiges, the remnants of once vast power. They are lesser forms of deific power, but are still not to be underestimated.


Exarch of Fallen Amoth, The Lord of Mercy


The Once-Was, Beggar of Winter

Minor Gods

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