Major Gods


God of the Sun, Shining Knight, Lawgiver
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Life, Light, Knowledge
Areas of worship: Cathedral
Priests: Sunlord

  • A chaotic world is a dangerous world, bring just law and order to uncivilized lands
  • Be a bright point of inspiration for all around you
  • Banish the darkness of ignorance with knowledge

Bormin is the god of hope and law. His domains are Life, Light, and Knowledge. Bormin’s servants are expected to uphold righteous law, preserve peace and civilization, and seek knowledge that benefits the whole. Borminites value the good of the community over that of the individual.

Bormin is friendly towards Ankandra, as they both value learning, but disapproves of Ankandra’s haphazard and disorganized promotion of limitless experimentation, and constant questioning of societal mores. Bormin and Morthwyl share the domain of Life, but Bormin’s outlook is much more benevolent than the sometimes callous pragmatism of the Green Lady.

Bormin is usually opposed to the wild and chaotic antics of Valbrandr, but respects the deity for his intense belief in freedom. Of all the Greater Gods, only Kurnaghast is a true nemesis. The death and destruction wrought by the Scourgelords schemes are the antithesis of Bormin’s philosophy


Goddess of Reason, the Scholar, Sea Mistress
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Trickery, Tempest
Areas of worship: Loreshrines
Priests: Illuminator

  • Knowledge and reason are the path to enlightenement
  • Confuse and Confound your foes at every turn
  • Respect the seas and creatures within

Ankandra is the goddess of knowledge and the seas. Her domains are Knowledge, Tempest, and Trickery. Ankandras followers value adaptarion and experimentation, guided by a sense of subtle capriciousness. Ankandra challenges her followers to question ideas, experiment freely, and always be one step ahead.

Ankandra and Bormin both seek knowledge, though in different ways. Ankandra promotes self-discovery, whereas Bormin prefers social education Unlike Bormin, Ankandra has a basic relationship with Kurnaghast, finding the god himself repulsive, but his power and personality to be…useful.

Ankandra usually opposes Morthwyl, finding her beliefs in destiny and natural order to be abhorrent. Ankandra believes that nothing is set, and natural order only exists as a fervent idea, not as a fact. Ankandra’s polar opposite is Valbrandr, the berserkers reliance on emotion and brute strength disgusting to the Lady of Reason. In private moments, however, she has admitted that he is, for all his faults, dreadfully good looking.


Goddess of the Forests, Earthmother, Three-Faced Lady
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Life, Nature, Death
Areas of worship: Sacred Fane
Priests: Lifewarden

  • Encourage life and growth in the world
  • Live in harmony with the world around you
  • Do not disparage or cheat death, accept its inevitability

Morthwyl is the goddess of nature and forests. Her domains are Life, Nature, and Death. Morthwyl’s followers revere the circle of life, death, and rebirth in all its aspects, and abhor perversions of this process. Morthwyl commands her followers to fulfill their path in life, preserve the natural world, and vanquish those who would alter the world for selfish gain.

She, like Bormin, nourishes life in all its myriad forms. Unlike Bormin, she does not pamper or coddle her creations. They, like all things, must learn to survive on their own, or die. Morthwyl appreciates the temperment of Valbrandr, in him seeing a personification life and chaos so present in her forest realms.

Morthwyl opposes Ankandra, viewing her manipulations of natural orders and constant meddling as an affront. Worse, however, are the willing perversions of Kurnaghast, who uses forces such as undeath or parasitism to leech power for his own selfish aims.


God of War, Freedom, and Might
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: War, Tempest, Light
Areas of worship: Arena
Priests: Warcaller

  • Let none make you a slave, in body or mind.
  • Strive to do great deeds, your body is a temple to your prowess.
  • Never hesitate to fight, strike hard and swiftly!

Valbrandr is the god of mountains, might, and freedom. His domains are Light, Tempest, and War. Valbrandr’s followers revere martial and athletic displays of power and might. They put little faith in scholastics and philosophers. Valbrands immensely value personal freedom, and the pleasure of doing as one wishes.

Valbrandr associates with Morthwyl, appreciating the wilder places of the world. He respects Kurnaghast’s power on the battlefield as well. Valbrandr does not get along with Bormin, finding him to be a stuffy old man who long ago lost his sense of fun. He thinks of Ankandra as a know-it-all who is more than willing to manipulate anyone to further her esoteric goals.


God of Slaughter, Deceiver, Warlord
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Death, War, Trickery
Areas of worship: Doomhall
Priests: Dreadmaster

  • Gain power by any means necessary
  • Your only loyalty is to yourself, others are simply tools
  • Guard your power well, lest someone attempt to take it

Kurnaghast is the god of death, destruction, and deception. His domains are War, Trickery, and Death. Servants of Kurnaghast are commanded to seize power, cast off illusions of morality, and destroy petty ideals of peace and order.

Kurnaghast likes Ankandra for her extensive webs of trickery and subtle deceit. He sometimes exchanges favors of brute force in return for information to further his schemes He also views Valbrandr as a sometimes-ally, the upstart an amusing sight to watch. The Berserker and the Warlord both have an appreciation for the red-soaked grounds of a battlefield.

Morthwyl shares the domain of death, but Kurnaghast spurns her puny ideals of natural death and life. Why should death prevent service? He makes use of undeath and parasitic powers to further his own ends. Kurnaghast hates Bormin with a burning passion, seeing the Lawgiver’s cities and ordered societies as spoils waiting to be desecrated.

Major Gods

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