The Cambria setting uses the languages found in the Player’s Handbook. For the most part, the languages are standard from book to game. There are a few exceptions and additions, to be detailed below.

Orc Glyphs: Orcs speak their own language, as is seen in PHB, but they do not use the Davek script. Rather, they use glyphs when written language is required. Glyphs can be somewhat vague, and heavily depend on the context in which they are presented. Orcs do not write much, preferring to keep oral records.

Ancient Xidel: Ancient Xidel is a language that has been gone from the world for a thousand years, only recently reappearing with the emergence of the Sun Children. Xidel is an extremely difficult language to master if one is not raised in it, making it unavailable as a language for characters. However, a key has been provided for translation purposes.

Pact Code: A corruption of Xidel mage runeforms, the Pact use these symbols as a battle code, encrypting orders and intelligence reports. A partial translation has been made available.

Khel: Khel is an argot used in Thorbia. It is a unique blend of Orc, Draconic, and various regional vocabulary. It evolved from the battle languages of the various raiding bands of pre-unified Thorbia. Armen Drek has since classed Khel as the official language of Thorbia, and it is taught to the young as their primary language.

Craftsign: Craftsign is an intricate sign language developed long ago by a particular Nellac merchant clan, for purposes of secretly communicating withe each other whilst dealing with a potential customer.. The signing was so subtle that two signers could hold a normal verbal conversation, such as the discussion of the weather, while also fiercely haggling the sale of a herd of sheep. In fact, it became a mark of pride to cause your opponent to trip up in either the verbal or signing components of the exchange.

Thieves Cant: 4 dialects of Thieves Cant exist, each with their own regional flavor. Eastern Thieves Cant is based around allegory and maritime references, perhaps citing the Tale of the Humble Fisherman and his Magical Lure in order to convey information regarding powerful magical items. Western Thieves Cant is much more casual, with slang and substitutions taking place of normal terms. Desert Cant often involves making use of ones hands in seeming-unimportant gestures to affect tone and inflection, an imitation of Nellac Craftsign. Bondsmans Cant is used almost exclusively in the Kalced Empire, and is by far the most technical of the 4. Bondsmans Cant is precise, and often requires both parties know the phrasing keys in order to converse securely.


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