Key Locations

Panopticon- A bizarre tower of flowing silver, this place has a habit of disappearing, and reappearing elsewhere, with no discernable pattern. Panopticon is reputedly inhabited by a mad wizard, who has an extensive army of construct creatures. Currently, there have been no reports of successful attempts to communicate with the tower, so all remains speculation.

Kelton Mines- Located in the southern reaches of the Irontooth mountains, the Kelton mine is the largest active mine system outside of the goblin territories of Korat’s Tooth. The mines produces copious amounts of iron, copper, and silver.

Nystela Tranath (Warlock Knights) the last of the old border fortresses, Nystela Tranath was once known for its formidable arcane defenses, as well as the feared Warlock Knights that lived within. Nystela Tranath was lost to the Kights after their order was expelled from the Cambrian peerage. It has since fell into disuse and ruin.

Ignis Argenta (Order of the Rose) A former border fortress, Ignis Argenta was operated by an order of paladins, and is more half fortress, half cathedral.

Nalheim Fortress (Pact Base of Operations) Former border fortress, now the current base of the Pact forces in Cambria.

Ruins of Keynos The city of Keynos fell a thousand years ago to a forgotten foe. There have been multiple attempts to rebuild the city, but each expidition to do so has encountered misfortune and disaster along the way, leading most to believe that the ruined city is cursed. Portions of the city are currently inhabited various bandit gangs. The gangs are ruled by a de facto council from the 3 largest powers in the area. (main article here)

Key Locations

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