These are just some items and objects that have come up in game, or that I thought it would be useful to have prices on.

Inquisitive’s Kit: Contains brushes, pick, tweezers, a magnifying glass, ink and quills, parchment, several sample containers of various size, and a journal. The kit costs 40 GP.

Surgeon’s Kit: Contains scalpels, clamps, braces, needles, thread, herbal anesthetics, coagulants, anti-coagulants, and disinfectants. The kit costs 100 GP.

Cartographer’s Kit: Contains surveying tools, levels, plumbs, measuring tape, and writing and recording instruments. The kit costs 25 GP.

Map- Local: Covers 2 square miles, mostly found in cities. Cost: 1 GP
Map- Regional: Covers 50 square miles. Cost: 10 GP
Map- National: Covers the entire nation of origin. Cost: 20 GP
Map- Continent: Covers a single continent. Cost: 50 GP
Map- Known World: Covers the entire world. Cost: 100 GP

Mail Service- Letter: A single sheet of paper in an envelope. Delivery times will vary depending on the distance. Cost: 2 CP

Mail Service- Package: Cost will vary on the size of the package being sent, rates begin at 1 GP.

Common Vegetables: 3 SP per pound
Exotic Vegetables: 1 GP per pound


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