There are many different power players in Cambria, and the PCs may ally or enter the employ of a faction (or factions, as requirements allow), in order to gain favor and benefit from those factions. Currently, the most prevalent factions within Cambria are as follows.

Blacktooth Goblins

The Blacktooth tribe of goblins are unparalleled in their forgecraft. In their mountain homes, the goblins produce the best forged tools and weapons available. Their prices, however, match the quality of their wares. Friends of the tribe can expect a decent discount on tribal products.

Black Boar Orcs

The Black boar Orc tribe inhabits the deep forests of southcentral Cambria. Following druidic and primal tradition, the Blakc Boars have watched the stars and listened to the spirits of the world for centuries. They have taken up arms and ventured into the world in order to combat the invading forces of the Pact. Friends of the Black Boars can occasionally call upon the tribe for the assistance of one of their mighty warriors.

Children of the Sun

The last remnants of the ancient Xidel Empire, the Sun Children are a race of living constructs, awakened after ten thousand years to once again fight against their creators foes. The Sun Children are new to this world, and value any allies willing to fight the evil Pact forces. Friends of the Sun Children can petition to use some of the ancient artifacts of the Xidel.

Warlock Knights

Fierce warriors of the deserts to the northwest of Cambria, the Warlock Knights combine martial prowess with devastating arcane attacks. It is said that the knights first gained their powers of hellfire and brimstone after imprisoning a demon lord, but others simply claim that the knights traded with the demon, exchanging their eternal souls for the power they gain in life. The Warlock Knights are regarded with a combination of respect and fear by the local populace, but if the Knights have ever cared about their reputation, it has yet to show. Stories of the common folk have had the Warlock Knights as both heroes and villains, depending on the telling of the tale, and the storyteller. Those that gain the respect of the knights might gain access to their vast arcane library, or learn the basics of mixing spell with sword.

Dross Guides

The Dross guides are daring men and woment who make their home in the toxic swamp of Western Cambria. Based out of Newmast, these hardy folk regularly lead caravans through the ‘Dross. They are each expert trackers and warriors, as the environment isn’t the only thing that will kill you out there… Friends of the guides can expect some very interesting training in tracking and extreme survival techniques


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