Physical Cosmology

  • Solar System: Thestria is the 3rd of the 4 planets orbiting the sun. Closest to the sun is Nondi, followed by Capashen. Outside of Thestria’s orbit is the planet Donar.
  • Satellites: Thestria has a single moon, known as Graia.
  • Far Realm: The Far Realm is the name given to the dark empty of deep space. This realm is populated by the aberrations and horrors which obey no natural law. Vast and powerful beings whose minds are so unlike those of humanoids that to touch them causes madness.

Parallel Planes

The Feywild and Shadowfell are unique in that they are not planes of inifinite size, but rather echoes of the material world.

  • The Shadowfell: The Shadowfell was not a natural occurence of planar phsics. Instead, it was created by the Fallen during their war with the Xidel Empire. The plane now lies empty of its most powerful denizens, and dark creatures of all types have taken up residence there. It has become home to undead, aberrant creatures, and beings of a darker nature. Shadar-kai and Shades are common here, as are various types of more civilzed undead. Vampire Houses rule several cities, and a mummy king serves as the undying monarch of a small kingdom. Several demon princes and archdevils have interests and holdings in the Shadowfell, in areas where the light of the gods and rage of the primordials is muted.
  • The Feywild: Also known as the Green Lands, the Feywild is what the world might have been without the progression of civilization. The realm is covered by green forests, golden savannahs, and untouched mountains. No cities or permanent settlements exist here, all races here maintain a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Primal spirits hold most of the power here, the gods and primordials having little interest.

Infinite Planes

Having no discernible measure of distance, the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos are in constant flux. Their ever-changing geography makes mapping impossible; for this reason they are known as the infinite planes.

  • Astral Sea: The Plane Above is a common name for the Astral Sea, owing to it’s habitation by several of the Gods of light and goodness. Pelor, Bahamut, and Moradin all have their realms within the Astral Sea. Conversely, the Astral Sea is also home to the demi-plane of the Nine Hells, where Asmodeus and his archdevils reside. Angels make their way across the cloud-oceans of the sea, and the dual race of gith also meditate in monasteries within the plane.
  • Elemental Chaos: The Plane Below is a riotous realm, incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it firsthand . Here, flame speaks and lightning dreams. iron hates and seas hunger.
    Islands of earth, ash, mud, salt, or semisolid smoke and flame, some as vast as continents, float amid an endless sky. Rivers of water, lava, or liquid air flow from oceans bounded by nothing solid, cross landscapes of broken crystal, and spillover cliff faces made of tangible lightning. Winds of heavy vapor are guided by currents of chaos, whipping into enormous storms of burning hail and sharp-edged thunder.
    As disconcerting as the substance of the Elemental Chaos is, worse still awaits visitors. Direction has no meaning. Locations shift constantly. Even gravity is capricious, exerting its pull differently on living things than on objects.


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