Continents of Thestria

Frostfell: The northern polar regions of Thestria, the Frostfell is an inhospitable land of glaciers, immense snowfields, and ice caves. Frost Giants prowl the mountains, and ice dragons are a common sight in the skies.

Geldar: The most populated continent of Thestria, Geldar is home to 13 individual nations, and 7 million people. The land is rich in natural resources, and has a temperate climate with regular seasonal changes.

Antolia: The jungles of Antolia are relatively unknown to the civilized peoples of the world, as the continent’s dangers have often outweighed the rewards. Recently, however, several nations have established colonies in this new land.

Everice: The southern polar regions of the planet, Everice is somewhat more hospitable than its northern counterpart. The land is tundra for the first hundred miles, but then quickly turns to the ice cliffs and snowfields resembling the Frostfell.

Continents of Thestria

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