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The City of Yliad

“In the field, armies are commanded by their generals. In the cities, armies are lead by their sergeants”
-Origin Unknown

The Outer City- The Outer City of Yliad is divided into 4 areas (still referred to as Districts, even a hundred years after the civilian transition of the city). These districts are primarily housing and storage areas. Each district is separated by an interior wall, and each district has its own gate to the Inner City. The districts are not arranged by class, race, or vocation, but are mixed. This is to ensure that if one district falls in the attack, the Inner City is not deprived of laborers, tradesmen, officers, etc.

The Inner City- The Inner City is the name for all of the buildings past the second city wall. This are contains the bulk of the production facilities for Yliad, everything essential to making the city self-sustaining. There are bakeries and vegetable gardens for food, smithies for armor, weapons, and tools, and 3 airship towers, amongst many other smaller production houses.

Eisenschloss- Two centuries ago, the famous Iron Castle of Cambria, Eisenschloss, withstood a month long siege from the invading Kalced Empire. The outer and inner cities taken, the keep itself was the only thing that stood between the Empire and all the northern lands of Cambria. The brave defenders of the fortress held off attack after attack, giving the Unity army time to come to their rescue.
The keep of the most heavily fortified structure in all of Cambria, surpassing the newer border fortresses, and even the Royal Garrison of Boscon. The walls are thick and solid, and a moat surrounds the castle on the inner city side.

The City of Boscon

The capital city of Cambria, Boscon is home to the current reigning monarch, King Haikon II. The city is also home to many illustrious educational facilities, including the Arcane University, and the High Guard Academy

Notable Locations

The Royal Palace- The royal palace is relatively small compared to the personal keeps of other monarchs. It sits against the edge of Shard Lake, and serves as the home of the king. King Haikon I was a dabbler in horticulture, architecture and art, and his son has carried on his father’s passions, also taking an interest in archaeology, astronomy, and philosophy. The palace reflects this, with a recently added observatory (designed and directed by the king himself), and multiple gardens of mundane and exotic plants.

Royal Garrison- The Royal Garrison is a moderately sized force of the Cambrian army, whose sole duty is the protection of the King, royal house, and city of Boscon. They are the very best military men and women that Cambria has to offer. Most are graduates of the High Guard Academy, and all are unshakably loyal to the nation. The current commander of the Royal Guard is Markus Lensherr, a long-time friend of the King. The garrison also serves as the home for the king and his family in times of war. It is much more the traditional defensive structure than the royal palace.

Arcane University- The Arcane University is by no means the only school of magic in Cambria, but it is the largest. The college has vast resources in terms of research materials, experimentation facilities, and alchemical laboratories. Nearly all branches of magic are studied here in at least some decree. The school has come under controversy often in the past for allowing study of necromancy, but the ruling mages have always argued that one must know the art in order to know how to counter it. Necromancy is taught in secure facilities to only the most adept and mentally-sound students.

High Guard Academy- The High Guard Academy is the premier officer training school for the Cambrian armed forces. Cadets are put through a rigorous program of training and education, shaping their minds and bodies for the chaos of combat. Class holds no sway in the Academy, skill alone advances a student. High Guard Cadets have sometimes served as auxiliary military units when the city has been threatened in the past.

The Geldian- The Geldian is a college of mundane arts, teaching literature, history, theology, and philosophy, among other courses. They are the most accessible of all the educational institutes in Boscon, their resources open to all who seek knowledge. Though they do not instruct in magic or military matters directly, there are courses concerning magic in theory and ethics, and a study of contemporary and historical military tactics.

City Districts

Royal Palace- The Royal grounds are large enough that they are (albeit the smallest) usually considered a separate district of the city, and not part of any one.

Academy Way- Academy Way is a district in the northeast part of the city, sitting directly east of the royal palace. Academy Way is home to the Arcane University, the High Guard Academy, and the Geldian, along with other smaller and more specialized schools.

Temple District/Embassy Row- The Temple District is the home-on-earth of the gods. Each god has a temple, church, or shrine, depending on their worship preference. The Church of Pelor is a large structure on the east wall, nearest to the rising sun. Worshippers of the Raven Queen, however, attend services in a small temple in the southern part of the area. There are groves and altars for the nature gods, and even a small lake dedicated to Melora. No evil gods are directly worshipped here, though they do each have a small altar somewhere in the district. Cambrians may abhor the dark gods, but they dare not rouse their anger by denying them an altar amongst the other gods.
Embassy Row, as it has become known, is the portion of the Temple District directly south of the Royal Palace. Here, other nations of the world have offices, consulates, and facilities relating to diplomatic services. Each embassy is generally acknowledged as sovereign ground of that particular nation, and is not subject to Cambrian law. Once an individual steps out onto the street, however, they are under Cambrian law.

Military District- Directly to the west of the royal palace lies the military district of Boscon. It is home to the Royal Garrison, and the entire district is dedicated towards the purpose of training and upkeep of the Royal Guards, and greater Cambrian army. The district offers only limited access to civilians, often being only the families of the soldiers. The district has its own market, its own schoolhouses, and some recreational facilities.

Low Westside- Low Westside sits to the south of the Military District, and represents the dregs of the city. Crime is rampant in the area despite the efforts of the Watch, and the close presence of the Garrison. The housing is cheap and shoddy, and buildings are prone to fires. A few kind souls operate kitchens and shelters for the citizens, but Westside claims a due of blood every year.

Middlemarch- Middlemarch is the largest housing district o the city, home to 60% of the civilian population. It is generally well-kept, and the City Watch makes regular patrols through out the area. Houses are either small and stand-alone, or large buildings containing multiple homes within.

Market District- Often the first sight to travelers entering the city, the Market District is a bustling center of traders, shop owners, and street hawkers. There are bakeries, smithies, clothiers, and more located here. Some armor, weapons, and magical items may be found here, but these items are mostly sold in the Military District or Academy Way, respectively.

High East- High East is the housing district for the nobility and elite of the city. Estates are lavish and well-guarded. The nobles and gentry of the city enjoy a quiet existence, as the Watch has a larger presence in this district than in all others besides the royal palace. Common crimes are near unheard-of. Burglaries, however, are the exception to this. A number of the city’s thieves have quickly become experts at infiltrating some of the major manors of the area, and “redistributing” the goods found within.


Large seaport and trade center, Fray deals with the majority of the bulk import and exporting for the Cambria region. Fray is unofficial neutral ground for differing politics, ideologies and beliefs.

Notable Locations

Fighter’s Guild- The Fighters Guild maintains waystations in several towns, but makes their home in Fray. A walled keep within the city holds the training grounds and various facilites of the guild. The Guild takes mercenary and privateer contracts from various clients, as well as certain “civic” duties that require their skills. It is rare to find feral goblin nests or other dangers near Fray for just these reasons. The current head of the Guild is “Warlord” Kang. Kang is a seemingly elderly human, with no hair on his head save the mustache and goatee he keeps perfectly trimmed. Hailing from the nation of Saitana, he has lead the Guild for the last ten years.

City Districts

City Market Formally known as the Trade District (Though this name is really never used outside of official paperwork), the market is a bustling center of commerce, exceeded only by the Great Market of Kell. All manner of vendors, legitimate and otherwise, hawk their wares from sidewalks, booths, and storefronts in this area.

Temple District Due to the constant influx of travelers, Fray has a large variety of shrines and chapels devoted to all manner of gods and spirits. The Temple District houses the largest concentration of these sites. Three large cathedrals serve as a landmark in this area.

-The Temple of Martial Justice: Serving Pelor, Moradin, and Kord, this temple reveres the gods of good and might.

-The Temple of Illumination: Serving Ioun, Corellon, and Erathis, this temple serves the needs of those who hunger for knowledge and enlightenment. The temple is currently headed by Lorekeeper Marcus, an aged half elf who serves as a cleric of Ioun. He is assisted by Civitas Riley, a priest of Erathis. This temple is also home to the Book of Cyrene, an illuminated mansucript detailing the teachings of Ioun. The book was one of the few items rescued from the island of Cyrene before its destruction.

-The Temple of Life’s Journey: Serving Avandra, Melora, and Sehanine, this temple sees the most attention from travellers.


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