Update 9/30

Well, the group voted, and the majority ruled that the fight be taken to the Pact, and so they chose to man the line to the north, buying their allies time to build their mighty weapon. Joining the heroes was a human runepriest, a new character by a new player. Colton joined the group, seeking some gaming goodness after a long absence from D&D. The player spent their first session at the front shoring up the defenses, finishing a trenchline, and defeating the scouting platoon that encountered the line on the 3rd day.

In addition, I implemented a system for our absent players (Carl, Ian, and Guido) to still participate in the game, even though they cannot make it to the sessions. A brief study of western alchemy and herbal medicine gave me an idea for a potion-brewing mini-game. I created recipes for 4 potions, using 4 plants (seen here). Each plant has 3 parts, only one of which can be currently used to create a potion. The correct ingredient must then me prepared the right way, either as a tincture or an infusion. Each player gets to try 3 recipes per day, mailing me their experiments. It’s a quick way for some gaming fun, helps out the main group, and also helps our absentees stay involved.



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