Well, I’m not going to beat around the bush at all. I’m considering halting the campaign. There is a lot of schedule conflicts and life changes coming in the near future to my players, and it seems easier for all involved to halt the campaign for the time being. Two of my players (husband and wife)are expecting their first child any day now, and the husband has recently gotten a job working graveyard shifts, so both of those would factor into their making the game sessions/being awake and aware enough to participate. Also, another of my players now has a job where he is in town for a week, then gone for 2 weeks. Also makes for interesting schedules.

So that left me with a single player that showed up to the game session last night. I was expecting other folks, but learned only later that they were under the impression that the session had been moved/canceled. A miscommunication, probably from my facebook post asking the players if another time would work better. No harm, no foul. My single player and I enjoyed some time building/painting some Warhammer minis.

I have the distinct advantage, however, of being able to tie up the storyline quite simply, and to set the stage for a return to the setting later. The point at which our last session ended leaves me with a good way to write a transition to the coming reboot.

What I’m going to do is utilize the WMD being constructed at KEynos. Originally assumed to be a powerful weapon, the device will now act as a conduit to send the consciousness of select individuals (the PCs) back to their bodies as they existed a month before the Pact invasion. No gear, no physical attributes, everyone goes back to level 1. However, the original PCs will still have the knowledge they gained in their journey beforehand. They will have a month to prepare, and try to prevent, the coming invasion.

A logical conclusion to the previous storyline, and fresh start for all of the PCs



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