Tales of the Beginning

Gather around children, and I will tell you a tale of the Beginning…

This is the story of Corran, the archer of the night sky, and how he first met Rika, who held the scale of heaven.

Corran was one of the Old Folk, the Sky People. His bow would sing through the stars as he hunted for game for his cook-fire. He was a good hunter, and his belly was never empty.

One day, Corran was striding along the plains in the Sky Realm, and he heard a great roar. He paused, and the roar came again. Corran moved through the tall grasses towards the noise, putting an arrow to his bow. He heard the roar again, and came to a vast clearing in the grass.

In the clearing was a huge beast! Its legs were like trees, and its body was as big as a small hill! Great dark scales covered its body, and and a halo of flame surrounded its head. The beast roared, and a great spout of fire shot from its mouth towards a figure on the ground below.

Corran had never seen a beast so vast in all of his hunts, and was amazed the its ability to bring fire from within. He quickly loosed his arrow towards the beast, already nocking another.
The arrow sailed through the sky, its aim swift and true! The arrow hit the beast on its side, but did not go deep enough to kill. The beast now roared once more, but this time turning towards Corran with its great flame. Corran was clever, and had already run from the spot of the first arrow.

As he ran, Corran heard a shout! The figure that the beast had been attacking now stood and called to Corran. He turned his path, and ran to the person standing there.

Corran was in awe! He was a brave hunter, and had never been slow to share his words, but the beauty of the woman before him took all his words away. Her hair was long and dark, and her face was kind and strong. She held in her hands a large disc, that shifted colors as one looked at it.

“I am Rika,” said she, “and my shield will protect us from the beasts fire.”

“I am Corran,” said he, “and my arrows will kill the beast for our cook-fire”

And so Corran took his place behind Rika, and raised his bow. Whenever the beast would cast its fire upon them, they would duck behind the great shield. Whenever the beast would roar its fury, Corran would let his arrows fly, piercing the beast with dozens of wounds. The hunt continueed like this until dusk, when the beast gave one last great gout of flame, then fell to the earth, silent and still.

Corran and Rika approached the body of the beast, and began cutting it down for the journey back to Corran’s tribe. Within the gullet of the beast, they dug out a great jewel, the size of Corran’s two fists held together. The jewel was red and orange, and flickering with the light of a fiery blaze.

“The jewel contains the fire and fury of the beast,” said Rika.

“The fires of the beast were mighty,” said Corran, “And the people of the Below Lands have no fires to cook from.”

“The jewel holds too great a fire for the Below Lands,” said Rika. “The fire from the jewel would consume all, and leave nothing behind.”

So Corran took the great jewel in his hands, and with his great strength, dashed the jewel on the rocks at his feet. Again and again he threw it, until at last, the jewel shattered!

Each piece of the jewel contained a bit of the great fire, and Corran gathered them all in his hands. With a great throw, he cast all the pieces towards the Below Lands. One by one, there arose lights in the night of the Below Lands, as the folk there found their tents and caves suddenly brightened by the fires now residing in their camps.

Corran and Rika took the meat of the great beast to Corran’s tribe, where they were feasted and given gifts of furs and food. In time, Corran took Rika to be his wife, and he became the chief of his tribe.

The ARCHER and the SHIELD are two of the constellations visible in Cambria’s night sky. This tale is one of the many that tell of the origins of the world, and the folk that once lived in those times.



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