Ramblins Pt. 2 (META)

Next bit of metagame bits here…The party has finished with the Temple of the sun Children, and have boarded the airship Seraph, and are on their way back to the Cambrian mainland.

It took longer than I expected to finish off this part of the story, but after delays and distractions, we’re finally moving on. The next portion of the campaign, which I have titled “Flight of the Seraph” will comprise of both the flight back to the mainland resistance (newly set up in the ruins of Keynos) the tasks of resupply and reconnaissance, and the outbound flight towards their next destination, in order to strike a major blow against the invading Pact army.

For the flight back, I wanted to do something a little special. The group has worked hard to get where they are, without much in the way of material wealth to show for it. They’ve also been through a series of grueling fights, some of which can take up an entire night’s session. Long story short, they need a break. something fun. I’ve been able to do some entertaining one-shots and side stories on the nights where I didn’t have a full group, but this will be a nice treat for the entire group.

They’ve all just leveled up to level 7, and I think I’ll go easy on them and give then a nice chunk of the experience they need to get to level 8. And they’ll get to blow stuff up.

Looks like the PCs get to man the cannons of the Seraph.



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